Ask the Free Lancer-Responses 10/14/18

Ask the Free Lancer-Responses 10/14/18

Advice Commitee, Advice Commitee

Below is a direct list of questions submitted to our Lancer Advice Page. We want to make sure we address them all. The administration has addressed some and we will link you over to those pages. The rest will be answered here.

1) sports category: when games are, who the games are against, who won the games, who made the points

We are working to update the sports page on a more regular basis, our staff is short-handed in the field of sports reporting and photography at the moment so if this is an interest of yours we would be glad to add to our team of reporters. Listen to the announcements for updates about meeting times.

senior birthdays: just a list of seniors bdays like they are on the announcements

This is something that we can look into, but since our page is open to the public it is possible that advertising personal information, such as birthdays, might not be in our best interest as a school paper nor for those students whose information would be public.

upcoming events: like for example when hoco is, the prices for the week, stuff like that prices for anything being sold at school

Upcoming events are a priority for our reporters. We want to give you as much information as we can about what is going on at Cordova high and in the local community.

2) comic strips?

We certainly plan to run comic strips in our paper. We also have room on our staff for more comic artists and would welcome those who wish to participate.

3) why does Cordova let teachers disrespect students but get on kids for disrespecting them? I just thought it went both ways (Submitted 9/19/18)

We took this question straight to our principal Mr. Hyden. See his response here.

4) why is the dress code more focused and enforced on girls than boys? (Submitted 9/19/18)

We took this question straight to our principal Mr. Hyden as well. See his response here.

5) In the school paper are you going to write about other things besides what happens at Cordova

Yes, we want to cover a wide array of topics and events. Story ideas can also be submitted through our “Ask the Free Lancer” form.

6) Is college worth ib classes honestly

The IBO has a list of the top 10 reasons why IB is ideal preparation for University.

1) It offers depth and breadth: you won’t be specializing in just one or two of your favorite subjects, universities love a well-rounded student.

2) IB graduates care about more than just results: with the community service projects and self-directed research topics, IB students develop a worldview beyond the classroom that provides a head start in college.

3) It creates independent learners: With the extended essay requirement and Theory of Knowledge pieces, students learn how to learn, and any college student can tell you that the ability to self-study is critical in many of those classes.

4) It’s a genuinely international qualification: The IB diploma is recognized globally, allowing IB students to attend colleges abroad if they choose.

5) Universities give credit for IB: Some California Colleges offer up to 30 quarter units for students who achieve 30 or more IBDP points, and most offer individual course credit for students who get 5 or better on their HL class exams.

6) IB encourages critical thinking: Inquisitiveness and interpretation of results are major components of an IB education and essential skills for college students.

7) You will earn time management: Often one of the hardest life skills to master, an IB education requires students to learn how to budget their time. The staff at Cordova high is working hard to help students learn this skill and our IB grads already report that it has been a huge help in college.

8) It assesses more than examination techniques: Ever have that bad day that happens to land on test day? IB makes sure to assess student ability by multiple measures and on multiple days to help ensure that your knowledge is assessed accurately.

9) Subjects aren’t taught in isolation: Students are encouraged to make connections across different subject areas.

10) IBDP works to instill the values of the learner profile across the 2-year program: The profile traits aren’t just great for students, they are also important traits for successful adults in all career pathways. 

Ultimately choosing to participate in the IBDP is a personal choice, but universities do recognize the challenges of an IB curriculum and that makes them confident in the abilities of the students who complete the program. The IBO showed that “the acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League universities is up to 18% higher than the total population acceptance rate.” but that doesn’t mean you won’t get into your school of choice if you choose not to take the diploma program. We will follow up with our IB alumni and give you their perspective on the program overall in our “Alumni Updates” page throughout the school year as well.

7) Why in the world now all the C wing suddenly has A lunch! ;-; I miss having lunch with my pals on B lunch (sic).

The lunch schedules were rearranged to try and get a better balance of the total number of students at each lunch. C-Wing has historically been an A-Lunch wing and when the lunch count numbers were processed it became clear that another wing needed to move back to A-Lunch so C-wing was chosen. Hopefully, both lunches have approximately the same number of students now which makes it easier for everyone to get their lunch in a timely manner.

8) Okay, so, eternal worst nightmare to me. Maybe not worst, but, I am wondering about this due to the previous experience. What are you supposed to do in a group project when the other members of the project don’t help on the assignment? (Submitted 10/12/18)

If only this one had a simple answer. Group work can be excellent when everyone does their part, but what should you do when your group members are not as dedicated at you are?

-Your first line of defense is to talk to your group members and makes sure everyone is clear on exactly what is expected of them and set due dates that are in advance of the final due date set by the teacher. If you give yourselves a couple days advance warning and one or two group members don’t have their portion completed then you still have time to salvage the project before the teacher is trying to grade it. That certainly won’t help the fact that you will end up doing more work than the other members but at least it can help salvage your grade and prevent a last-minute scramble on the due date.

-If you have a group member that is uncooperative or unreliable then certainly try and avoid being grouped with them again in the future, of course, this only works if you get to choose your group, but also let the teacher know. This is not about selling your classmates out, but chances are if you say nothing then the group work system in your class may never change and this problem will be repeated several times throughout the year. Some teachers have implemented a peer grading system to help with this problem, the project is scored for the group but then you get to grade your group members and if it becomes clear that one or two members were the cause of the project getting a lower grade then the grades can be reassigned to match the work that was completed by each member rather than the group as a whole. But there is no reason for your teacher to explore alternative options if you don’t let them know that there is a problem.

-If you don’t want to communicate the issue with the teacher, then chances are you will be stuck either being the martyr and doing all the work yourself and letting your group members take credit for your hard work, or your group grade will be low and you’ll be stuck with the grade caused by your lackadaisical group members. So you have to ask yourself which is worse? Doing all the work for the sake of the grade and not saying anything about it or speaking up and demanding accountability by your peers? The answer is likely to be different for every individual.

If you have a technique that has worked for you in the past, add it to the comments below and maybe we can find more options to help our fellow lancer out of this group work debacle.