Jacques Lowe c/o 2010


Vivica Elaine, Reporter

Jacques Lowe graduated from Cordova high school with the class of 2010. During her high school life she participated in: track, cheer, swim, mathletes, academic decathlon, and Filipino club. As an undergraduate in high school she was involved in Filipino club, African student union, the students Affiliates of the American chemical society, and long beach leaders. Ms. Lowe claims that “[her] first few years of college, classes weren’t too bad… as [she] got to her third year of college [she] cut down on the clubs…to focus” As the years progressed she became less involved in activities.

Although she was involved in sports and activities during her high school life she was involved in swim, cheer, and track. Although sports were not very helpful to her for college her extra curriculars. She finds it important to meet new people through activities and class, “it’s the relationships you build with those people that get you where you want to go.”

It took Ms. Lowe five years to do her undergraduate studies and she’s still enrolled in college and plans to study for another 5-6 years to get her Ph.D in Biochemistry. Her main goal is to “land a career in biotech industry doing drug design” Her advice for upperclassmen at Cordova: “I know school isn’t for everyone, but no matter what you do after high school make sure to have a plan.” Ms. Lowe’s advice to those planning for college is “just don’t take loans, [she] recommends working part time and paying for classes. The cheaper route is going to a JC first and then transferring to a university” This may take more time but you won’t be drowning in as much student debt.