Homecoming Week 2018


Photo Credit: Andre Leineke

Emily Gastelum and Taylor McIntire

As of Saturday, October 6th, Cordova High’s 2018 Homecoming Week has finally come to an end. We have captured amazing moments and highlights throughout the week all leading up to the grand finale, the homecoming dance.

Ahhh, Stoplight Monday, the day were we all hoped to see if our crush was wearing green, and hopefully not red. This day was also the time wear the couples of Cordova got to showcase their romance off to the entire campus.

October 2nd was sports day Tuesday, the day were you got to show your TEAM PRIDE. Also the day were many arguments broke out about the best teams, but we are not gonna talk about that.

It’s double the giggles & double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins! Wednesday, October 3rd, was Twin Day. Below I have some great pictures of students dressed up for this spirit day, try to tell them apart!

Totally tubular dude! Thursday, October 4th, was Decades Day and we were going back in time! Each class was given a decade: Freshmen were the 60’s, Sophomores were the 70’s, Juniors were the 80’s, and the Seniors were the 90’s and boy did students dress to impress.

Friday was the day our lancer spirit was strong! With each class representing with their class colors, The Homecoming rally was totally amazing!

And the grand finale, THE HOMECOMING DANCE!!!!! As we know the theme was “Dancing through the decades, and when you stepped into the dance you truly felt as if you had stepped into a time machine. Student Government did a awesome job decorating and setting out a lot of delicious snacks. The atmosphere in the gym was electrifying. All of you lancers looked absolutely amazing.  

We wanted to find out the perspective of the 2018 Homecoming dance from both freshman and seniors. We wanted to see if the seniors were filled with any sadness due to the fact that it was their very last homecoming, and what thoughts the freshman has to seeing a Cordova dance for the first time. We were also able to grab some thoughts from some chaperones and a foreign exchange student to see their outlook on the whole thing.

Our first interviews were with seniors who won hoco royalty  .

We had asked these two how they are feeling since they were voted hoco royalty, when this was their last homecoming. Their response? SAD. They had voiced that they felt so sad, and that one had even cried. These two guys had said that they remember going to homecoming and thinking “Wow one day I’m going to be a senior”.  Really puts it into perspective that one day you might actually wish you were back to freshman year.

Next we interviewed some freshman who looked majorly starry eyed walking into Cordova’s 2018 Homecoming.

They had basically all agreed on one word AMAZED. They said that they were super excited, to be able to go a high school homecoming. Ahhh to be that innocent again.

When we interviewed the chaperones and we were very interested to hear that THEY HAD SEEN NOTHING CRAZY. They stated that in the 5 years they were over seeing the dance it had been a calm dance. Wow, I’m surprised.

Luka Meissner, a foreign exchange student from Germany, has never been to America, let alone a Homecoming. He’s recounted the formal dances that he’s been to and although they were fun, they were nothing like Cordova’s. He was amazed at the friendly faces and the booming music. Shocked even, when the bass trembled the floor. With the loud music and his American friends dancing along with him, Homecoming is a night he won’t forget.