Fall Music Recommendations

Emily Gastelum, Reporter

Fall is approaching and I have some songs to recommend. Below are 4 songs that I feel like should get a little more love this fall season:

  1.  18 forever by Maris

Ok, so if you have ever felt like you want to be a super cool 80s person, this song is for you, it’s 100% a dance song. The lyrics also make you want to stay in your youth and wear neon colored leg warmers. Maris’s voice is super light and just makes you feel good. I could see this song being in a coming of youth movie for sure.

2. Valentine by 5 Seconds of Summer

Anyone who knows me knows I always recommend 5 Seconds of Summer, but this song especially I feel like a lot of people will enjoy. This song has a very different feel to anything I have recently heard. This is also the first Valentines day song that has ever really been written. It also gives off a strong late 80s early 90s vibe and also is a song that you can chill too.

3. Drinking Game by Silver 

If you have ever wanted to get in your feels in 2.1 seconds, LISTEN TO THIS SONG! The lyrics alone make you miss a significant other that you never had, add Silver’s voice into it and you have some sad boy hours! This song is one of my favorites and I found it like 5 days ago. It also is very blunt in talking about chasing someone that doesn’t love you.

4. Still good by DNCE

Ok, now I’m realizing that some of these songs are going to be songs that get you in your feels. Huh, I guess it’s just one of those months. Anyway, this song astounding. DNCE’s sound has is unique and this song absolutely puts anyone in a good mood. Its beat is super light which makes it a fun dance song. Yet, the lyrics can also hit home for a few people.