Sarah Weir, Class of 2015


Arista Chauhan, Reporter


Sarah Weir Graduated from Cordova in 2015. During her time here she played softball for two years and was heavily involved in volunteering and community involvement through the Police Activities League (PAL). She graduated in the top of her class at Cordova and was initially wary of attending a four-year college so she decided to go to Folsom Lake College as well as other community colleges in the Los Rios district depending on the courses they offered. She is a strong supporter of going to community college out of high school instead of going to a four year if you don’t feel ready, “Just think about what you want to do, that’s just how you feel… it will give you time to figure out who you are and what you really want to do”.

She transferred to UC Davis where she is currently pursuing her major in Genetics and Genomics. She was inspired to pick that major because of the various science classes she took at Cordova such as biology and sociology where she was exposed to the field of genetics. She is very passionate about her major and studying genetic diseases, so she plans to become a genetic counselor when she graduates. When asked if college was better than high school she vehemently agreed, “It’s so much better, you get to control whatever you want to do… you get to pick whatever class you want to, if it looks cool you can just do it”.

She also says another perk of college is that “You’re in a school where you aren’t surrounded by people you have to be by because the law states that you have to go to high school… people want to be in college and it’s just great”.

She has some advice for women who are thinking about going to school to major in STEM, “When you get to college the best thing is how much you get to see people who just want to empower women…when you get to college it’s all about women and different cultures rising to the top”. She also says that women shouldn’t be intimidated by the idea that it’s a man’s field “It’s definitely a women’s field, women are taking it over”. She further talks about the fact that there are a lot of women in her classes and that being around other women who have the same passions and goals as you have is genuinely uplifting.

An important message she has for students graduating high school and going to college is that don’t believe that you have to give in to pressure and make decisions you’re not entirely comfortable with, there is a lot more freedom in college to do what feels right to you.