Sophomores: What Joining IB Truly Means

Sophomores: What Joining IB Truly Means

Antoinette Aho, Editor-in-Chief

With all the talk on International Baccalaureate Programme applications, many sophomore applicants are still curious as to what the course they choose will truly mean. Many say the program is much like AP, a set of honors course that require substantial, quality work and a devoted student.

But IB is a lot more, it’s greater than AP in its meaning and design. When part of the IB system, students commit to certain learner traits that represent honesty, drive, and intelligence. They put themselves in the position of being the best student possible and representing their school in a worldly manner.

After character, a large part of the IB is based on work ethic and perseverance. Both Standard Level and Higher Level classes are rigorous and require students to put in extensive, well composed work. Those in the full diploma route have much more responsibility as a student, since they enroll in more classes. But even those who only take the class to earn a certificate are required to put in the same level of work for each class.

Between the mental prominence of the student and the level of their work, the International Baccalaureate course adds a requirement of projects outside the classroom, such as the Extended Essay, service hours, and a creative endeavor for each student.

Throughout the two years that students take IB courses, they advance their skill sets and widen their knowledge, preparing them for their exams.

Evidently, IB differs widely from AP, for it encompasses the student in a sense that is deeper than their intelligence. It allows them to develop as an individual and learn life lessons through their work outside of class.

Sophomores who wish to apply for the programme must submit their application by Wednesday, the 16th of Jan.

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