From the Principal’s Desk #2


Antoinette Aho, Editor-in-Chief

The quick arrival of the second semester poses new prospects for the rest of the year and the 2019-2020 school year. To gain insight on what’s happening at Cordova, and in the Folsom Cordova school district, I sat down with Mr. Hyden, the principal at CHS. He tells us about new classes, the IB programme, and new additions to the school.

A curriculum advisory committee meeting was just last week, new classes were approved for schools around the district, including Cordova. With the International Baccalaureate came new, elevated course opportunities for students, for the following year these will include Academic Research, Patient Care Year 1, Personal and Professional Skills Year 1, Math Applications and Approaches IB HL, and Math Analysis and Interpretations IB HL 1.

About the new additions, Hyden says, “The new math options will provide clear pathways for students. Rather than acquiring just math knowledge, they will be tailored to what students want to do after graduation.”

These courses provide different pathways for students, notably the career program will be directed at students aiming to enter the medical field.

I asked Hyden what changes he believes the IB has brought to Cordova, he says, “Academic rigor has been brought to the forefront. With rigor though students can feel an increased amount of stress. We are working on building support for students – this is evidenced by the IB Research class and late night library. Ms. Old has also created a time management planner that will help students track their assignments and manage their time.”

While each IB teacher and mentor works in tandem with one another to provide the least possible stress for their students, the load can only be lightened so much. Next year, more effort is being put into helping students feel less overwhelmed by the IB demands.

Since students aren’t typically in the loop about district news, I asked Hyden to share any information he has. For now, he says the process of interviewing and hiring a new Head Varsity Football coach is being underway.

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