Women’s Shadow Day At SacState

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Women’s Shadow Day At SacState

Antoinette Aho, Editor-in-Chief

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If you’re a high school girl aspiring to enter a STEM field, this opportunity is perfect for you:

The Society of Women Engineers hosts an annual day event in which high school girls in the Sacramento region have the opportunity to shadow women working in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. SWE is an organization at Sac State, with a goal to influence young women who aspire to pursue STEM fields by showing them that the endeavor is possible.

Women’s Shadow Day is on April 5th this year and will allow young girls to experience what women in a STEM do on a daily basis. The event supplies insight into the world of science by showing high schoolers hands-on, what an engineering job is like.

The Society of Women Engineers is known throughout the United States, their shadow day program has been going on for six years, but the organization was established in 1950.

Farah Haweya is a junior at CSUS and works as the event coordinator, when asked what SWE’s objective is, she said, “Our mission is to promote diversity in the engineering field by increasing women and minority levels.”

Haweya used to participate in Women’s Shadow Day when she was in high school, now that she is in charge of putting the event together, she gets to take it to new levels.

She told The Freelancer that this year’s event is much more streamlined than it was in the past, participants have the opportunity to decide what specific field they want to learn about. So if a student is more interested in one job, they can spend the day solely learning about that. The opportunity provides genuine experience and creates a realistic view of STEM jobs.

Students from Cordova’s Engineering Academy has participated in SWE events for multiple years. This event is open to all lady lancers, but the deadline to apply is fast approaching. If you’d like to join the group of over 100 Sacramento students who attend, talk to Ms. Caplan in room D5.