End of the Year Editor’s Note


The Free Lancer

Lancers, the 2018-19 school year is coming to a closing – meaning that The Freelancer will be taking a break until the new year, beginning in August.

The ending of this semester marks the second term in which Cordova’s online school newspaper has been in publication. When this endeavor took flight it’s prospects weren’t that impressive, but as time progressed, new opportunities presented themselves and The Freelancer team saw a clearer future.

It wouldn’t be wise to predict the future of the paper off of the first year, but overall, this debut was not a bad one. Merely establishing the publication after being without a school paper for over five years is an accomplishment.

Looking towards next year, the newspaper is due to grow in size and opportunities. With the help of Lancers, new and old, The Freelancer will be able to take even larger steps.

As the editor-in-chief of the paper it has been my pleasure to work with the writers and our advisor Ms. Linares to advance the club and paper a little more each meeting.

The Freelancer is always accepting new journalists, columnists, photographers, cartoonists, and editors. But the list doesn’t end there, frankly, there is a place in the journalism club for anyone – even if you don’t want to write or publish in the paper.

If you’re interested in pursuing a role in the club talk to our advisor, Ms. Linares in C9 or email her at [email protected]. You can also reach out to the editor-in-chief, Antoinette Aho, at [email protected].  

Enjoy the summer, Lancers.