Census Profile of Cordova High School

Margaux Bautista, Reporter

The United States Census, a survey conducted across the nation every decade, provides data on, ideally, every part of the country. Cordova High School’s collected data can be found within the Census Bureau’s website, specifically with their Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM) which provides access to information for the entire nation, individual states, counties, cities, and even schools. 

CHS has a total population of 4,242 according to ROAM, which used 2013-2017 ACS 5-year estimates. Within that, the median family income is about 59,688 USD, using the same ROAM estimates. The median age would come out to about 40.5. Regarding the levels of poverty, there are 10.87% of persons below the level of poverty, with 24.80% of these persons being children under 18. Identifying these persons, there are about 1.27% Non-Hispanic, black people, and 69.17% Non-Hispanic white persons, and 19.59% Hispanic individuals. In addition to this, there are 0.07% of people who are American Indian or Alaska Native, 3.28% of Asian individuals, 0.00% of Native Hawaiian or people who qualify as other Pacific Islanders, and 0.00% of individuals of a different race. As a whole, 29.68% of these persons are foreign-born. In the households of these people. 83.53% of them have a household with a computer, 0.33% of households with only a smartphone, 15.36% of households have no internet access, and finally, 70.92% of households have broadband internet access. 

This concludes the online public information from the United States Census about CHS. The data can once again be found on the Census Bureau’s website, within the Response Outreach Area Mapper, along with data for other places from states to schools. It helps to locate and provide information for harder to see areas using the socioeconomic and demographic characteristic profile traits, making it crucial in the analyzation of the country.