Hard to Count Populations Near CHS

Antoinette Aho, Editor-in-Chief

While the United States Census aims to gather data from all persons within the country, each decade there continues to be so-called hard to count populations in every state which results in a high low-response score, inaccurate data, and less federal funding for those communities. 

Specifically, these groups can be analyzed in order to better reach them for the next census. Using the California Schools Dashboard data, one can view the enrollment statistics for individual schools, including Cordova High School. This data may help identify those HTC groups and assess who may not be responding to the census.  

Notably, there is a high Homeless population at CHS, according to 2019 data, a total of 129 students, making up 7% of the population. According to Census Bureau information, the homeless population tends to be one of the most difficult groups to account for, as they do not have set addresses. If these students are not included in census data they will impact the amount of federal funding that CHS and nearby communities receive in the upcoming years. 

Furthermore, an even larger enrolled group at CHS is Socioeconomically Disadvantaged. Making up 70.2 % of the 2019 enrollment, there are 1,302 of these students in this group. Although low-income households are reachable, they tend to have lower response scores in general. This may be due to disinterest or apathy towards politics, as many of these households have far more important and vital priorities such as sustaining jobs and putting food on the table. When large populations like these do not respond to the census the entire city can be undercounted, again resulting in incorrect data and less federal funding to improve in-need communities. 

To cure the issue of low-response scores at and around CHS, every group must be informed on the importance of the 2020 Census. Upper or lower class, political education is the best way to involve all members of the community and thence create a stronger future.