Katie Babruk, 2018


Tanya Babruk, Reporter

The majority of the 2018 graduates have headed off to college in the past month. Many of them are going to local colleges and UC’s, I’ll be talking to Katie Babruk, my sister, about where she’s heading and what she’s planning to do in her upcoming college years.

For now, Katie has been enrolled in Folsom Lake College as Business for her major. She decided to pursue this major because when she reflected upon her high school experience she realized that her favorite subject was math so, she decided that majoring in business was the best major for her to study. She will specifically be specializing in the finance part of business. In 5 years she’s hoping to at least have her Bachelors degree pursuing her Master’s, and hopefully starting an internship or a base level job position.

In high school, Katie wasn’t a student that participated much in extracurricular activities or sporting events but overall she’s had a good experience being at Cordova. One thing she admires about Cordova is the amount of school spirit the school shows; it’s perfect for those who participate in that kind of stuff. She’s also emphasized on Cordova’s curriculum and thinks it is excellent. One of her most rewarding high school experiences, and I think she speaks for a lot of people, is meeting all of the great people that go to Cordova. She believes that every person teaches you something different and those that you go to school with really help you grow and become more confident in yourself and the things you believe in.

One thing she wishes she could change about her experience in high school is to participate in more school events and to try just a little harder in school. She points out that Cordova has a lot of diversity in the school and that is something she greatly admires. She feels that the diversity helped shape her as a student because, in the working world, you get to interact with many different groups of people and Cordova really shaped her to be comfortable interacting with many different people. At Cordova, a teacher she connected with was Mr. Reuter just because he was her favorite teacher. He is the chemistry teacher and played a significant role in helping her come to enjoy the subject. She feels that having a teacher that is fun and helpful can bring you to like any kind of subject and Mr. Reuter was one of those teachers for her. Lastly, one piece of advice she would like to give to this year’s seniors is to try harder. She knows that everyone tells seniors that because it is their final year, they don’t have to try as hard as you would any other year but she feels that you should still try hard and still be involved in school events despite what others say.